About Me


My Motivation


Some years ago I studied speech therapy and worked after graduation as a speech therapist. I really loved this profession.Especially the interaction with people filled me with joy.
After some time I heard about Life Coaching and I felt inspired to make the one-year training at the “Quantum Success Coaching Academy”. During the training I realized, that Life Coaching is my calling.
I started practising coaching because, I’ve always had a deep desire to help people (re)discover their own way to happiness, which truly is independent of the life situations they find themselves in. My ultimate goal is to help you understand and fulfill your purpose in life and to enjoy the process with your whole being.

My Journey

I know with every certainty that is possible, because I faced myself great and extraordinary life challenges, but I did find the way to come out of them stronger person.
My life journey so far has led me through the roads of illness, the war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina , the loss of my dearest, the refugee years, difficulties throughout my studies, moving abroad, and, then, to a change in my career. I have experienced the deepest pain from which no one believes they can ever recover. I know what it means to be in a life situation that seems to have no solution. I remember saying to my friends: “Why I had to go through all this? Life is not fair.“


Finding a new path


And yet, all those experiences lead me to a realization that the Source of our joy is within us, and not dependent on a life situation we are currently in. I started my spiritual journey, I started listening and hearing Myself.
I realized that all the life situations I experienced were leading to my Self-Empowerment making me more sensible along the way, braver, stronger and warmer person than I used to be.
My inner and my outside world started to coexist in alignment and my road suddenly seemed to lead across soft meadows. It felt like I had started wearing a new pair of shoes! I am wearing them on my new road, now, and whoever I come across I can pass on the message that I understand what it feels like to wear uncomfortable shoes, and that I can help them find a new and much more comfortable pair!