Biljana Condric

My name is Biljana Čondrić and I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.
I am sure you haven’t come across this page by chance.

Maybe you’re here because you feel stuck in your life?
You may be facing some life challenges and you feel lost not knowing where to turn?
Or, in fact, you are trying to improve some areas of your life, but you are not seeing results you want?
If you recognize yourself in any of these or similar life situations, coaching can help you.
My intention is to remind you how powerful you are and that you deserve to have a joyful and abundant life!
All the answers are within you.
Coaching can help you re-connect with that wise and knowing part of yourself, wherein you’ll find inspiration, strength and joy for creating your own life.
I will be delighted if my website fills you with positive energy, and you get an impulse to contact me.

I offer you a 30min. free coaching session.

Coaching can be done in German, English and Serbo-Croatian.

Book your free Coaching Session here.